Josiah 青年团契(英语)

      Josiah fellowship had their first gathering on February 14, 2009. At the time, TNT was the only English speaking fellowship for the younger generation. TNT catered mainly to those leaving the teenage years, entering into adulthood. Meanwhile, the younger group of kids grew in numbers. Reverend Teren Gum and the English Ministry Deacon, Wai Kee To, saw this as a calling from God to start a new English fellowship for this growing group aged between 12 and 16. Following their guidance, a few TNT members led fellowship gatherings twice a month. Early on, Josiah fellowship had family gatherings where they would share a meal together, sing some songs and go through some basic Bible lessons. As they grew older, they started to have Bible studies, workshops, and other activities tailored to their age and needs. The hope is that they can deepen their knowledge of the Bible and to get to know God on a personal level.

      In 2 Kings 22, we learn that Josiah is the youngest king in the Bible. He was committed and obedient to God at an early age. We are reminded that no matter the age we’re at, even as children, we can live for God and God can use us to do great things. Today, it is a truly a blessing that Josiah fellowship still meets on a regular basis. God has blessed these young adults with gifts of leadership, music, teaching, and we can see Him at work as they use their gifts to lead the younger youth groups.

      Following in the footsteps of Josiah fellowship, Joseph fellowship officially started on July 6th, 2014. The name for this fellowship was inspired by the story of Joseph in Genesis. God took care of him and used him even while he was still very young. This story encourages us that whether a situation in life seems good or bad, whether you are young or old, God is still faithful and good. The hope for this group was yet again to serve the teens now aged 12-15, as those in Josiah fellowship have now grown up and moved on to CEGEP and university. Today, this fellowship is mainly for our senior high students. They meet regularly twice a month for activities and Bible studies, and many of them even serve in different worship ministries on Sundays.