TNT 英语团契

      Started in 2003, TNT fellowship has grown in a multitude of ways into the group that we know today. From teenagers once known only as the ‘children of SSCAC’, our members are now adults with various roles of leadership and support within the English congregation.

      According to 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, we are one body in Christ with many members. Together we care and administer to one another for the glory of the kingdom of God. As the eldest fellowship on the English side, we naturally strive to teach and lead the younger fellowships. At the same time, we are always excited to serve in different capacities in our church and in our community.

      Why TNT? What does it stand for? Interestingly, the name TNT is an acronym for Truth Troopers, which was a term given to us by our former youth pastor Kevin Kaechele. It is used to describe followers of Christ, because He is the Truth and the way to eternal life, and we are his people. No matter the day and age, this idea is central to our identity and it is who we are; we are TNT.